Sun Solace – A Perfect Spot to Celebrate Your Monsoon-Weekend Getaways!

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After a long summer, you would love to rejoice the rains. Most of you would love to plan a long monsoon holiday to spend time with your family/friends. Picture yourself being in the midst of nature during monsoon. The cool breeze and raindrops greet you with divine nature with full glory. To experience this divine pleasure with your loved ones, we present to you a perfect weekend spot to celebrate your monsoon-weekend getaways – SUN SOLACE.

Sun Solace_Gate


Sun Solace by Sun Builders Group is a weekend gateway plotted community with every step landscape in tune with nature. The project spread over 75 acres has been developed with state-of-the-art attributes & it also enjoys the advantage of being in close proximity to Sanand residential catchment.

Since its inception in 2010-2011, the project has witnessed development in a phase-wise manner. The unique planning of 3 theme based Club House’s started with Strata (Sport’s Club House) than Aqua (Lakeside Club House) & recently opened Terra (Main Club House) – all of which cover a space of nearly 40,000 sq.yds. The club facilities not only includes 8 well décor residential rooms, party hall, restaurant & café but also boosts about an array indoor & outdoor sports activities all in full operational stage.

Sun Solace

Members as well as guests are welcome to visit the property and experience the space.

To add more adventurous to your fun weekend, Sun Solace provides some of its best indoor facilities. The clubhouse has an inbuilt Mini Theater to watch your favorite movies with your families. A full-fledged café cum restaurant Pelican at Terra club house serving you with refreshing meals. One can also cater events or hold parties in this finest spot of our coffee-hub. Also don’t worry about your workout regimes, as we have in-house gym area where you can continue your workout routines. For more fun and entertainment, we’ve etched Badminton Court, Table Tennis Court, Squash Court, Library and much more for you.

Sun Solace allows you to enjoy great outdoors and explore the best-of-nature. A large swimming pool where you can dive in the cool blues of water, also a Toddlers Pool for your kids and a party pool to organize pool parties. The weekend spot also has well-manicured green spaces with a large scenic natural lakefront development and thematic garden to retreat, rest and relax during monsoon periods. Relaxation zone at various places to rest with a well-designed gazebo serving both as shelter and focal point and is also the star attraction of our outdoor gatherings too. Engulfed in the greens its party lawns and beautiful landscapes are perfect places to celebrate your grand events/parties.

With serene beauty and landscaped water bodies, Sun Solace is a place where you will experience luxury, a place where style meets passion, where refined living takes a new dimension. You get a perfect harmony with aesthetic beauty and an investment for a lifetime too! In addition to this, the paradise of attractively priced plots is only a few miles away from Ahmedabad, located at Lekhamba 4.5 Km from Sanand is a worthy investment option & a great weekend getaway place too.

Enjoy the experience of belonging to a new community, a new lifestyle and feel close to nature during this monsoon at Sun Solace.




Real Estate Bill – Good news for new homebuyers!

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The real estate industry in India is growing at a speed that can only be seen as rising with every year. Rajya Sabha has recently passed the much awaited Real Estate (Regulation & Development) 2016 Bill in order to protect the interest of property buyers and ease the home-buying process. According to a source, the bill has undergone for several amendments and will be effective to bring accountability and transparency in the real estate sector. This will give advantage to customers to buy property and will also benefit to the whole real estate sector.

Purportedly, the bill sets a firm foothold in the real estates sector and lays a strong foundation in the coming years. The bill will be executed in various factors, incorporating redevelopment and development to smoothen the process in the sector.

The bill will impact on the sector, positively at two levels, i.e.,

1. Micro-level (Homebuyers)

2. Macro-level (Real Estate Sector)



Till now, home buyers were making a raw deal in the real estate sector. But from now, developers will have to make use of deposits (70% deposits collected from home buyer) in the development in only the particular project that are under construction. The project should be completed and delivered on time to home buyers without any delays. It will be developers’ responsibility to strictly adhere and provide the level of quality as stated in the norms during registration.

A few developers offer a warranty for structural damages for 1-3 years, which now has been extended to five years from the date of handing over possession to buyers.


The real estate market is highly non-transparent and most shareholders wish to operate in their own silos. The absence of a regulator is to an extent responsible for this plight. If there is a regulator in the sector then, it will become more cost-efficient and most significantly will ensure that the malpractices are not entertained.

The provisions that are listed in the bill will make the process of home-buying easy and will also have rebounds on the entire real estate sector.

We, at Sun Builders Group, since our inception to date, have gained trust of many buyers by complying with these and many such real estates rules and regulations that have been passed in the past. With the recently passed bill, we will make sure all the amendments are taken care of, as a promise to our existing customers and potential buyers. The foundation of the Group were laid with the bricks of trust, commitment and ethics – and with this bill into adaptation, we are only developing and growing forward.


Optimized Living – Layouts that bring your Living Room to Life

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The living room sets the tone for the vibe of your abode. It is where you entertain guests, watch TV with your family, unwind after a long day at work, or just generally feel alive around people. It is therefore important that considerable thought be put into the decor and layout of this space.

While it may be tempting to pick up a design magazine and replicate the look of the room from one of the featured designs, remember that your home is a reflection of your personality. Form follows Function is the basic principle of modern design. No matter how tastefully decorated a space, it cannot be considered a success until it is used and enjoyed by the people it is meant for.

Flow forms an integral part of your room layout. It is absolutely essential that layout decisions are a factor of how people move in and around the room rather than the other way around.

From a décor and layout perspective, the first thing to do is provide the room with a focal point. In most homes, this tends to be the television. A tall bookshelf or a piece of art work just as well when it comes to providing a visual focus point to the room.

Next is providing visual balance by filling out the details around the focal point with furniture and décor. You can start out by defining spaces by using color or furniture items. Bright colors help define a space while light colors add a touch of openness to it.

Choose furniture, décor pieces, and colors that help create visual cohesion. A well-thought-out living room arrangement can help you avoid impulsive purchases, random furniture arrangements and unnecessary frustration. Turn your living room into a hub of life and activity that you love spending time in. Sun Optima – 2 BHK Nano Homes brings you this handy visual living room layout guide to help you on your way to getting that perfect living room.

Marching towards Sustainability

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Estimates suggest that by 2030, more than 60 per cent of the world’s population will dwell in cities. This tectonic shift in dwelling patterns and the accompanying boom in urbanization bring with it issues that range from space constraints to water scarcity, transportation, and environmental degradation. These issues make urban planning and development one of the major challenges for the future.

The future of cities then will depend on our willingness and ability to find innovative solutions. In a country like ours, massive migration from rural to urban areas is already starting to impact the quality of our cities in the form of overcrowding, logjams, and sprawl. The shrinking of available land and natural resources means that innovative and sustainable solutions are critical to providing livability and economic opportunities for our people.

Finding innovative solutions will hence determine the future of cities worldwide, particularly in India where massive migrations from the rural areas to the cities are resulting in overcrowding and sprawl. Because of the lack of land and natural resources, innovative and sustainable solutions are critical to providing livability and economic opportunities for our people.

Rapid urbanization and a burgeoning middle class has seen a rapid demand for real estate across India. This has led to an exponential growth of the construction industry in the last decade. However, this boom has a significant environmental downside as well. Worldwide, buildings account for nearly 20% of all water consumption, 40% of all energy consumption, 35% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and 30% of all solid waste generation. As the industry steps up to meet the ever rising demand for developed real estate, these numbers are bound to go up sharply. It is obvious that the resulting scenario is highly unsustainable and will severely diminish the quality of life in our cities.


There is a growing concern with the environmentalists about the need to balance growth of human prosperity with the quality of our environment. Analysis of many experts shows that impact of construction needs to be brought down for a greener planet. Responding to this concern, real estate sector is slowly moving towards building eco-­‐ friendly structures, termed as ‘smart’ structures. To minimize the footprint, land, water and power conservation tops the chart of priority in these smart structures. However, sustainable building techniques require the developers to fundamentally change the existing building paradigm and think through all the stages of the building’s lifecycle. Transitioning to a completely green building paradigm in a country like India is not yet economically feasible since the buyers are not sensitized enough to appreciate the long term cost benefits vs. initial price trade-­‐off.

As the industry grapples with the challenges of balancing growth with sustainability, Sun Builders Group, with over three decades of experience in construction and real estate, have taken the initiative to explore green and eco-­‐ friendly building techniques and have already started adding them to the mix.

Sun Embark, 4 BHK Sky Suites by Sun Builders Group, located near Sola Over Bridge on Ahmedabad’s arterial S.G. Highway uses green building materials such as eco-­‐bricks to substantially reduce the carbon emission footprint of the project while improving the quality of construction.

Similarly, Sun Square, the latest commercial landmark on Ahmedabad’s iconic C.G. Road uses energy-­‐efficient sun breakers to optimize the energy requirements of the building by reducing the energy needed to illuminate and cool the interiors.

This is just the beginning and there is a very long road ahead. The Indian Green Building Council has made tremendous efforts in spreading awareness of ensuring environment safety and has been receiving a positive response from the corporate sector. The rating grade in stars has become important for builders and buyers of homes who are sensitive to the environmental cause. In future, real estate is expected to significantly contribute in conserving resources for lasting development of a greener and healthier earth while ensuring that our growth does not come at the cost of the quality of our life.

Luxury Apartments

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How to spot a ‘Luxury’ Apartment

These days the word ‘Luxury’ has become the most abused expression in the real estate industry and people falling for this catchword without understanding its true meaning often end up feeling shortchanged. Developers continue to label every of their project as luxurious, but it is important for home-buyers to understand the definition, context and meaning of luxury in Indian residential real estate. Buying a luxury apartment involves the need for multiple checks and validations. However, when it comes to buying such an apartment for investment, one must exercise caution and perform all due diligence.

To begin with, a ‘Luxury apartment’ must involve generous and expansive living spaces, an element of exclusiveness, high-end facilities as well as the property itself being associated with an elevated socio-economic standard. Finding such right property might not be that simple but it sure does become mighty easy when you have top-class options like Sun Embark. Every apartment within Sun Embark seems to have its own character, where residents of this four bedroom apartment will experience the feel of refined brilliance and warmth.

If you are among those who are mulling over the prospects of investing in a luxury apartment, then the following parameters would help you understand the hallmarks of genuine luxury in residential
real estate:

Location is one of the most crucial parameters. Although central location is certainly an important qualifier for the luxury tag, a project that stands at a central city junction surrounded with traffic congestion does not provide a luxurious experience. Irrespective whether a project is sold as ‘regular’ or ‘luxurious’, it cannot be a home if one cannot reach it or get out of it.

Accessibility is the next important parameter to look out for. When you begin to understand reviews of the local residential market of Ahmedabad, you will be able to appreciate the fact that good quality housing is the one that shares right proximity from everything important. Proximity to hospitals, markets, schools and public transport connectivity is also essential. Similarly, the security in and around the area needs to be checked. The view available from the property and the affluence of the neighbourhood comprise as the other important indicators.

Ceiling height is another parameter that helps determine the actual value of the apartment. The higher the better, any apartment with a floor-to-ceiling height of less than 12 feet would be compromising on the aesthetics of the apartment while also reducing the potential for sophisticated interior decoration. Instead of looking at square footage, consider cubic footage. There’s almost no such thing as a luxury apartment with 8.5-foot ceilings.

Project Density denotes of the number of people residing in a project and should be analysed properly. There is no ideal thumb-rule for this, however, it is understood that a one-acre project should not house more than 60 families. Exceeding this threshold will make the project not qualify as ‘luxury’ since the available amenities are shared by too many people, destroying the project’s ambience, exclusiveness, convenience and charm.

Parking space is the next parameter. Although there are specific yardstick with which to measure parking sufficiency, the commonly followed norm is that the number of bedrooms in a project should equal the number of available car parks. A four bedroom apartment should therefore have four parking spaces within the project. Parking designs such as the Podium design for car parking has gained much popularity among the buyers recently since it allows more habitable open space much expected in a luxury abode. Sun Builders Group through Sun Embark are the first home developers who have brought this innovative idea of parking to Ahmedabad. Owners can park their car upto the first floor level, a never before seen feature in Ahmedabad residencies.

Branded elevators as a standalone do not suffice in a luxury project. The project must also include service elevators with separate entries, so that domestic help and external suppliers do not populate the elevators and lobby being used by residents.

Inhabitants of a luxury project expect to have the assurance that their families and property are safe in all respects. A genuine luxury project has uncompromising human security as well as electronic surveillance and safety measures firmly in place.

From the above points it gets clearly evident that it takes much more than a mere word like ‘luxury’ to place a project head and shoulders above the rest. So the next time you step in to buy or invest in a luxury property do it with a little more prudence.

Affordable Housing

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India’s Affordable Housing Sector Gaining Momentum

India’s private property developers have started to see a new opportunity to develop housing sector in India. This is mainly due to a variety of factors and these have contributed towards this growth— on the side of supply, the entry of various real estate developers and availability of financial options; whereas rapid urbanization, growing trend of nuclear families and rising income levels have fuelled the demand for affordable housing. There is hardly a dispute that there still is a considerable supply shortage in this segment. India’s urban housing shortage accounts for 18.78 million for the next fiveyear plan from 2012-2017. In Ahmedabad, at least 2.2 million new houses are required to fulfil the demand in the coming 4-5 years. Sun Builders Group as home builders have always believed in offering to its customers, homes that are high on ‘value’ and low on ‘budget’, thus delivering everything they are searching for and more.

As a concept, affordable housing is not a new one. It is at least a decade old, with the local builders and developers of big cities being the original pioneers with their lower income group flats. While the prospect for affordable homes never got really diminished, large real estate companies focussed almost exclusively on premium and luxury projects between 2004 and 2008 as the economy expanded rapidly and banks and financial institutions adopted a more liberal approach to lending out loans.

From 2008, however, with the overall changes in the economy and the real estate market, companies, even large ones, have turned to low-cost housing projects with a renewed focus. Large scale real estate firms have launched low-cost homes at various locations in the price bracket of Rs.10 lakh to Rs.30 lakh and investments in the affordable housing sector are moving north. Gujarat, Bangalore and Madhya Pradesh are among the states that have seen traction in affordable housing.

Today most big names are entering rural housing with built-in risk pricing so as to make it a viable business model. Big names in the industry are rushing into the sector to cater to the existing demand supply gap. More and more projects are being promoted across India. Tier II and III cities have seen a higher rate of adoption for these projects. Low-income customers are happy with their new homes, improved living conditions, safe neighbourhoods and enhanced overall social status, which are some of the benefits that the segment has been able to provide.

The concept of affordable housing as gone down well with consumers, developers and financiers which has given way to end-to-end servicing of this segment, thus becoming a lucrative proposition for one and all. Sun Optima and Sun Real Homes, are residential apartments that are built on this concept and delivers a modern lifestyle experience but without burrowing a hole in your pocket. Affordable housing is the “sunshine” sector for the next five years from a developer and lender perspective. To put it simply, this will be the growth engine of the future for all stakeholders.